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Pojem boží všemohoucnosti u Anselma z Canterbury a Petra Damianiho

Filozofia, 65 (2010), 6, 574-588.
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The paper examines the role rational explications played in theological discussions of Early Scholasticism (inspired by some of the scholars around 1000, among them Gerbert of Aurillac or Fulbert of Chartres). The main aim is to shed light on the interpretation of God’s omnipotence by Peter Damiani (in his famous open letter De divina omnipotentia) and Anselm of Canterbury (especially in his works Proslogion, De libero arbitrio and Cur Deus homo) and to show how Aristotle, Hieronymus, Augustine and Boethius influenced their way of thinking.

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Early scholasticism, God’s omnipotence, Anselm of Canterbury, Peter Damiani

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