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Teória participácie v kontexte metafyziky sv. Tomáša Akvinského

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 2, 107-118.
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In the frame of the realism concerning the metaphysic knowledge the problematic of participation has its own, historically relatively short period of the more important interpretations. In the second half of the 20th century we have witnessed a renaissance of the study of participation, inspired by the metaphysical doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas. Many authors (among them L. B. Geiger, C. Fabro, B. Montaigne and others) saw Aquinas’ metaphysics as the metaphysics of participation. Z. J. Zdybicka came up wit a critical resolution of the participation problem. On one side she acknowledges the successful elucidations of the surviving problems of the unity and manifoldness of beings (such as the problem of monism and pluralism). On the other side she is trying to reexamine the texts of St. Thomas Aquinas concerning participation from the existentialist point of view.

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