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Sociálno-humánna podstata prestavby a úlohy filozofie

Filozofia, 45 (1990), 1, 3-17.
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In the paper the author turns his attention to humane substance and humane orientation of Reconstruction and to the task of philosophy in solving of these problems.

In the first part of the essay concerning human dimension of reconstruction the autor shows the need and „desire“ to reconstruct philosophy, which is objectively determined. In the second part the author points to the prerequisite of active participation of philosophy in reconstruction and to tasks in which the participation of philosophy is- indispensable. He stresses the role of philosophy in the integration not only of philosophical, but also scientific, cultural, artistic and spiritual activities in the analysis of man’s problems as well as problems of individuality, subjectivity and personality. In the third part of the paper he shows the necessity of the very reconstruction of philosophy. It must work in the process of reconstruction. The author stresses especially clean-cut turn of philosophy towards real problems of life and human practice, their analysis and reflection. He claims that more attention should be paid to the dialectics of being of man and world.

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