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O vzťahu politiky a vedy

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 2, 115-123.
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The human society and especially the scientists have been, since time immemorial, worried about the question of the relation of practice and theory, of politics and science, of particular sciences and philosophy. In the years of crisis, 1968—69, these problems became especially topical here in Czechoslovakia. They were introduced by the fact that while in the building up of socialism and in socialist thinking this question is illogical because, according to marxism — leninism, theory cannot be separated from practice, neither can science from politics and thus nor philosophy as a teaching on the most general regularities from their specific cases that are investigated by the particular, so called special sciences, or on the contrary, on the other hand there were in this country, and still have been theoreticians who attacked and have been attacking just this substance of the marxist teaching. The author has therefore paid attention to these problems and has analyzed them especially in relation to the 50th anniversary of the origin and existence of the Soviet Union. This event, from the point of view of the given problems, is enormously important. Its very origin teaches us that thinking and doing form a regular whole in human effort. When we realize, then, that it is a whole — in the case of the USSR — a revolutionarily successful one, it is the more important to comprehend the question where its roots have been. The author investigating this problem finds out that they are to be seen in the human scientific understanding of the unity and inseparability of the investigated whole. Well, and if the above mentioned statement is true, then it must hold good at the same time that the scientist and the politician are the more successful the more scientifically founded and functionally more social they are. That is to say, in both cases they inevitably comprehend the problems that worry them not only as a given fact, a state of things, but also the substance, the social meaning. That in result of it they inevitably realize the character and logic of their own determination follows from the fact that only „thanks to“ this inability of men (scientists and politicians) various social, ideological, special-scientific crises and precarious situations could have arisen.
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