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Self-Understanding in Kant’s Theory of Cosmopolitanism

(Original title: Sebaporozumenie v Kantovej teórii svetoobčianstva)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), 6, 462 - 473.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Slovak
The paper is based on Kant’s understanding of history as a process for which a human is responsible, not only in the sense of the human species, but also as an active and engaged individual. The paper focuses on the issue of cosmopolitanism from the perspective of the people’s need to understand themselves when they do not merely attempt to explain the course of history so far but are aware of their responsibility in the ongoing process of the formation of a cosmopolitan order. The paper analyses the techniques and procedures proposed by Kant that are necessary for the realization of the ideas of cosmopolitanism. It mainly deals with Kant’s view on the issue of (cosmopolitan) education, his method for learning to think philosophically, and his understanding of the concept of Bildung as the moral formation of the individual, who becomes a self-conscious person able to understand their opportunities in history.

Bildung, History, Immanuel Kant, Cosmopolitanism, Education

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