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From Social and Environmental Conflicts to Positive Alarmism

(Original title: Od sociálních a environmentálních konfliktů k pozitivnímu alarmismu)
Filozofia, 74 (2019), 5, 366-377.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Czech

An article addresses the issue of positive alarmism as the first step to articulate an alarming topic of interconnected social and ecological conflicts. While the social and environmental conflicts are in practice interlinked, analyses of them are usually separated in theory. The article stresses the interconnections. It reflects the fact that civilizations, and especially modern societies in the West, created both development as well as destruction. In order to formulate a normative solution from a perspective of global critical thinking based on the specific macroregional civilizations, the article articulates a methodological move from the dialectic of enlightenment to intersubjective relations among human beings and the nature to overcome the threats of global capitalism and a potential collapse.


Civilization, Conflicts, Critical, Environmental, Global, Positive alarmism, Social

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