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Janusian Face of Human Rights: Between Human Dignity and the Right to Have Rights (Remarks on three books on human rights)

(Original title: Jánusovská tvár ľudských práv: medzi ľudskou dôstojnosťou a právom mať práva. Na margo troch kníh o problematike ľudských práv)
Filozofia, 73 (2018), 4, 318-328.
Type of work: Critical Notice
Publication language: Slovak

On the background of three related books, the article deals with the concept of humans rights as well as the key conceptual controversies concerning the latter. Three main aspects of human rights are underlined: philosophical, juridical and political ones. The relevance of the concepts of a person, human dignity and an autonomous subject appears clearly in the author's considerations. Further, postulating the universality of human rights unveils the vice of the liberal conception of human rights. Considered is also the tension between the idea of human rights, their institutional background and warranties in international context, where they are often purpose-built and power-politically instrumentalized.


Arguments for different approaches, Conceptual issues, Human dignity, Human rights, Justification of rights, Person, Source of rights

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