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Political Realism in the Ideology of the New School

(Original title: Politický realizmus v myslení Novej školy)
Filozofia, 62 (2007), 10, 911-920.
Type of work: From Recent Theses
Publication language: Slovak

It was the New School, which began systematically to pursue the problem of the vertical and horizontal forms of national integration. The views of the authors contributing to the newspaper Slovenské noviny, based on the idea of civic equality were an alternative to the pathetic elitism of the patriots of Štúrian kind. Political realism of the New School embodied national claims articulated in a politically more inclusive form, whose background was a historical vision of expanding the sphere of civic life. Their conception thus can be seen as a continuation of philosophical-political tradition of liberalism and empiricism.


New School, Political realism, Citizenship, Evolutionary strategy

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