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Subject as Affection and Passivness

(Original title: Subjektivita ako afektivita a trpnosť)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 6, 385-394.
Type of work: From Young Writers’ Competition
Publication language: Slovak

In Levinas’ conception of the subject affection appears as a new, essential element. This affection is closely related to the „idea“ of the absolute separation of the Other. It is an affection generated by the Other’s impact on the Same, i. e. it is the Other-inthe Same condition. The separation of the Other is related to the Same through the fellow-man or the other, through the pressing responsibility for his aging, for his suffering, for his faults, and his death. By menas of non-phenomenological description the paper tries to show the development of the subjectivity of this sort.

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