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Moral Value as the Relation between Man and the Being of Nature

(Original title: Morálna hodnota ako vzťah človeka k prírodnému bytiu)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 2, 112-117.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Contrary to anthropological ethics the ecological ethics as the product of new ethical conscience applies also to our actions, which influence the sphere of non-humane. Three intrinsic ethical values: those of responsibility, temperance and coexistence, and three mediated ones: those of nourishment, adaptation and future play an important role in ecological ethics. Man’s responsibility should be assesed on the background of man’s activity towards environment. By temperance the harmony of „the being of Ego“ and „Being in norms“ is ment while the coexistence indicates the unity of man and nature. The mediated moral values express our hope that we are adaptive to all future changes, that we will be able to meet all our biological needs and that we are able to conceive of everything, but the world without future. Nevertheless, our time is rather limited.

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