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A Critical Analysis of Culture and Technology in A. Gehlen’s Conception

(Original title: Kritická analýza problému kultúry a techniky v koncepcii A. Gehlena)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 6, 701-712.
Type of work: Papers - Dialectics of the Development of the Socialist Society
Publication language: Slovak
Based on a critical analysis of A. Gehlen’s conception the author of the paper shows that Gehlen’s interpretation of culture and technology — containing undoubtedly several philosophically relevant and positive elements — leads in the very end to extending of his, originally, biological anthropologism to the sphere of social phenomena. As far as the placing into the historical-philosophic framework is concerned Gehlen’s conception of culture and technology represents an attempt to make synthesis two traditionally oposite tendencies of bourgeois philosophy — the philosophy of life and positivism. Gehlen, however, does not preach antitechnicism and the myth of the crisis of contemporary civilization. On the contrary, he inclines to technological illusions and the overestimation of technology while he incessantly foists in this concept also implications of the philosophy of life.
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