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Popper's Conception of Social Engineering

(Original title: Popperova koncepcia sociálneho inžinierstva)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 3, 337-348.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of the Contemporary Bourgeois Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak
Two spheres of problems may be found within the range of Popper’s philosophical interest which are both influencing each other and differentiating. It is problems of the philosophy of science (above all questions of science) and problems of social engineering where Popper seeks to present his conception of social sciences and his political views. Poper makes use of his method of falsification. If in the sphere of the theory of science he puts stress on its critical and negative aspect, so in the sphere of social engineering he makes use of the method of falsification in a distorted form as a method of trial and error and he deliberately underlines the sphere of trials and not the one of errors. Thus his own method falls prey to falsification in the sphere of social engineering and it loses its specific revolutionary significance in theory which in consequence leads to an overcautious reformism in social life. So the fact is confirmed that in the sphere of social engineering Popper rather inclines to hold the position of an ideologist than that of a methodologist.
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