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From Logos to Myth. (Irrationalism and Pseudo-Historism in the Phenomenological Conception of Science) Part Two

(Original title: Od logu k mýtu (Iracionalizmus a pseudohistorizmus vo fenomenologickej koncepcii vedy) II)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 2, 235-249.
Type of work: Papers - History of Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak
In part two of the paper From Logos to Myth the problem of the unity of the starting-point of scientific cognition in Husserl’s philosophy the way which lead from irrationalism and pseudo-historicism of Husserl’s conception to contemporary philosophical hermeneutics of H.—G. Gadamer and his followers are analyzed. The author shows that the presuppositions on which the phenomenological conception of the relation between science and its starting-point is based lead inevitably to a mythical way of thinking, especially to the merging of the material and ideal, natural and spiritual and to dropping of concept of the scientific approach as existing in the sciences. Neither Husserl’s requirement „back to history“ frees the phenomenological conception of science and its existential groundwork from the oppresion of irrationalism because it refuses to allow for the existence cf the regularity in the history of the starting-point of scientific cognition.
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