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Materialist Dialectics and the Theory of Models

(Original title: Materialistická dialektika a teória modelov)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 1, 9-20.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper the basic starting points and presuppositions as well as tasks and functions of models and of modelling in scientific cognition are studied and the concepts „model,, and „modelling,, are defined. The core of the paper is made up by two basic problems: 1. Analysis of the relation of concepts „model,, and „modelling,, to some categories and concepts of materialist dialectics and gnoseology. It is the1 categories and concepts closely connected with the process of modelling — such as reflection, the abstract and the concrete, the ideal, the concept of truth, theory, experiment, analogy, information, etc. 2. Analysis of basic aspects of the dialectics of modelling from the point of view of object-subject, object-model, model-subject relations within which a number of specific contradictions, negations, characteristic of this method of scientific cognition appear.
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