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Anthropologism and Marxistic Approach to Invest!gation of Man

(Original title: Antropologizmus a marxistický prístup ku skúmaniu človeka)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 2, 145-157.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The study is devoted to the theoretical-methodological questions connected with the effort for a complex theory of man. The author tries to prove that the problems of man are of an interdisciplinary character, that it is necessary to constitute the scientific sphere of „science on man“ and to point out the scientific branches that could cover this sphere. The author polemizes with the attempt at pointing out the problems of man in the sense of the „Copernican turn“, i. e. to understand these problems as a presupposition and a basis of philosophical and scientific investigation in general. He evaluates critically also the attempts at rehabilitating „philosophical anthropology“ as a new philosphical branch. At the same time he emphasizes the need of specialized philosophical-anthropological research on the basis of the theory of Marxism-Leninism.
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