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The Explanation of the Existence of the World of Values

(Original title: K otázke genézy morálnych hodnôt)
Filozofia, 25 (1970), 1, 9-19.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
There are innumerable many views and conceptions, in the history o! the moral axiology, on the explanation of the origin of moral values, that constitute the basic category of any ethical system. However, two currents have been developed: one built exclusively on the faculties of subject (rationalists and sensualists) and the other that sought the origin of moral values beyond human world, in transcendence. All ethical is anthropological and providing the morality of man is one of his own existential diamensiones the origin of moral values is to be found in the ontocreative,. socio-practical activity of man. The basic question on the origin of moral values is that of the relation between subject and object, man and the world, that can not be reduced to either primitively mechanistic or gnoseological level. This relation is, from the axiological viewpoint, richly structured and. differentiated. From the ethical viewpoint, there play the project, purpose, and goal of man, that determine the character of man’s action and behaviour, the most substantial part in that relation. That is the dynamic moment of that relation and demonstrates the need to surmount the present moral structure of man. Hence it followes that the precondition of the origin, of moral value is contained in future. Moral values are in their very essence social values. They are products of the self-realization of man that takes place on the socio-practical level. Moral value has no valuein itself, but gains its meaning and sense when materialised in the action and behavior of man. The need of moral values is expressed by function and role they fulfil in the social and individual life. However, to realize this function, moral values must be materialized in moral norm. Thereupon, the potential moral value in which man objectified his certain mental faculties returns into man’s life, again by the way of adoption, in moral norm.
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