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On the Methodological Issues of Anthropology and “the Image of Man” with “Human Dignity”

(Original title: K metodologickým otázkam antropológie a „obrazu človeka“ s „ľudskou dôstojnosťou“)
Filozofia, 73 (2018), 8, 660-674.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Slovak

The study deals with the genealogy of the meaning of anthropology. We encounter it first in Aristotle’s negative definition of anthropology as a “narrative about man” with features of a gossip. Second time we encounter it in Kant’s dual definition of anthropology. From a pragmatic point of view he perceives it as a normative narrative about people from the position of a participant and from the perspective of the primacy of the “life-world”. The third instance is its secular status of a human as the “as yet undetermined animal” (Nietzsche), who is not “just” an animal but neither is he God. The fourth instance is the status of anthropology as a practical knowledge of oneself in relation to oneself (culture) in the synthesis of knowledge of human sciences (Scheler, Gehlen, Plessner). Finally, its current self-understanding is the result of the development of the human rights agenda after 1945 with regard to “the image of man” with “human dignity.”


Dignity, Gossip, Image of God, Image of man, Narrative about man, “as yet undetermined animal”

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