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A Phenomenological Interpretation of Architecture in Christian Nor- berg-Schulz

(Original title: Fenomenologická interpretácia architektúry Christiana Norberga-Schulza)
Filozofia, 69 (2014), 8, 653-665.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper ́s focus is on a proposed reconstruction of Norberg-Schulz’s phenomenological method of interpretation. This reconstruction derives from two of his relevant writings: the book Intentions of Architecture (1963) and the paper Kahn, Heidegger and the Language of Architecture (1979), while taking into the consideration the whole corpus of his completed theoretical, historiographical-architectural work. The reconstruction proceeds in two steps: first, we reconstruct Norberg-Schulz’s models of architectural work and following is the reconstruction of interpreting models. The proposed reconstruction also aims at introducing terminological instruments for both of the above-mentioned steps and aspects of interpretation. While preserving the continuity, we redefine basic Norberg-Schulz’s categories. This enables us to enter the discussion about two stages of Norberg-Schulz’s thinking and about two Norberg-Schulzs, respectively: structural-semiotic and phenomenological-existentialist ones.


Architecture, Identification, Intention, Intermediate object, Interpretation, Morphology, Orientation, Phenomenology, Topology, Typology

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