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The Human as an Open and Rhythmical Unity. Henry Maldiney

(Original title: Ľudské ako otvorená a rytmická jednota. Henry Maldiney)
Filozofia, 69 (2014), 7, 558-568.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

In his work, recently departed French philosopher Henri Maldiney, examines the forms of human experiencing on formal level of openness to the world. According to him the fundamental modes of human experiencing in real sense are aisthesis and kinesis, what means certain formal emptiness, and at the same time a transformation. Transformation as a modification and pass-over is the essence of shaping the form – Gestaltung. This contribution is concentrated on some of the constitutive elements of the human on pathic level. Forasmuch as perception is not just a pure receptivity, absorbing information through our five senses, it is a manifestation of the self with regard to something what is not in the world yet, and simultaneously an incursion of the world, whose movement points to the other part of human self. The basic moment of becoming the self is an ecstatic openness of Emptiness, which is for Maldiney a measure of distance and spacing. Existence is thus just an open development of a closeness-distance of being.


Aisthesis, Existence, Gestaltung, Openness, Space, The human

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