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Heidegger and a Bridge

(Original title: Heidegger a most)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), 5, 412-418.
Type of work: Projects of Performative Philosophy
Publication language: Czech

The essay reveals the relationship between Heidegger’s thinking and the nature of dancing with regard to his lecture Building Dwelling Thinking. In it Heidegger provides an inspiring illustration of the bridge: “The bridge swings over the stream with ease and power”; “even where the bridge covers the stream, it holds its flow up to the sky by taking it for a moment under the vaulted gateway and then setting it free once more.” Such an easy and powerful movement of the bridge reflects the dynamics of Heidegger’s own thinking, particularly the way in which his phenomenological method of destruction takes up the traditional philosophical concepts and attempts to set them free again.


Bridge, Destruction, Philosophy, Play, Thing

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