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Poetry and Dream-work: On Lowes’ Account of Coleridge

(Original title: Básnictví a snová práce: K Lowesovu výkladu Coleridge)
Filozofia, 66 (2011), 7, 644-654.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Czech

The paper offers an interpretation of a classical study of Coleridge’s poetry: The Road to Xanadu by John Livingstone Lowes published in 1927. While Lowes’ book is considered a monumental work summarizing the sources of Coleridge’s poetic image, the paper tries to show that in addition to that Lowes develops a remarkable theory of imagination close to certain themes of Freud’s theory of dream-work, as well as to Warburg’s interpretation of Boticelli or Havlíček’s conception of poetic image.


S. T. Coleridge, Poetic imagination, Psychoanalysis, Romantic literature

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