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Identity and the Good: Moral Theory of Ch. Taylor

(Original title: Identita a dobro. Morálna teória Ch. Taylora)
Filozofia, 59 (2004), 6, 401-415.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper presents the moral conception of Charles Taylor as developed in his fundamental work Sources of the Self. The Making of Modern Identity, in which he tries from the perspective of modernized aristotelism to transform several assumptions of modern moral philosophy. Taylorś conception is based on ontologically rooted human action, putting stress at the same time on the individual freedom and the differences among individuals. From the idea of particular, self-creative beings it follows, that the questions of our moral inclinations can not be answered simply in terms of universality. Each of us has his/her original way of living a good life. Taylorś moral conception stands between a deontologically oriented Kantian ethics with its emphasizing justice and individual rights and an Aristotelian ethics of a theleological self-affirmation with its priority of community and communal good.

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