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Religious Philosophy in Slovakia in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

(Original title: Náboženská filozofia na Slovensku v prvej polovici 20. storočia)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 7, 403-481.
Publication language: Slovak

The study offers a detailed historical view on twentieth century Slovak religious philosophy including its catholic as well as lutheran branch. The dominating one was catholic philosophy which, with one exception - that of philosophy of life deriving from Blondel - was as a whole neothomistic. The Slovak neothomism was an integral part of neothomistic philosophy based on the decision "Back to Thomas Aquinas". The subject of its criticism was not only the modem philosophy, but also non-catholic culture as a whole, as well as its social movements and political orders. The philosophy associated with the lutheran branch of protestantism has not made its basic principles clear enough and was not so thoroughly elaborated as its catholic counterpart. The significance of the twentieth century Slovak protestant philosophy was not any more comparable with its significance in previous two centuries, when it had dominated over the whole spiritual life in Slovakia.

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