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E. Rothacker's Cultural-Antropological Conception

(Original title: Kultúrnoantropologická koncepcia Ericha Rothackera)
Filozofia, 45 (1990), 4, 418-429.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The papers deals with the analysis of the anthropological conception of E. Rothacker, one of the representatives of German philosophical anthropology of Scheler’s type. Based both on a detailed analysis of Rothacker’s category of the style of life and his understanding of culture (e. g. the law of polar tension between the basic tendencies of particular styles of life and ever existing dominance of one tendency, inner structurization of a particular cultural whole and factors which influence its development) and the process of objectification or relation between the individual and the sphere of culture which is above individual the author points to the fact that on the ground of philosophical anthropology Rothacker, in comparison with his predecessors, shifted his attention from the analysis of natural constants of Man towards his cultural and historical dimension. Not only constituted he thereby a new branch of philosophical anthropology but he also contributed positively in the sphere of culture.

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