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Spiritual-Practical Complementarity of Morale

(Original title: Duchovno-praktická komplementarita morálky)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 2, 167-178.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Problems of Man and Society
Publication language: Slovak

Morale is a historical-social phenomenon which appears in the totality of social life as dialectical unity of the spiritual and the practical, objective and subjective, ideal and material, desireable and existing. In the paper this twofold character of morale is analyzed from the Marxist viewpoint, on the base of the dialectical contradictory unity and certain questions of the relation of the spiritual and the practical are kept in view. The author pays attention to the discussion of Marxist ethicians on the priority of moral practice and of moral relationships to moral consciousness. She lays stress on the requirement that moral relationships should be conceived as ideological-spiritual ones which pass through the consciousness of social subjects before their formation and which are correlated with this consciousness in a specific way. Analyzing the question of the specific correlation of moral consciousness and moral-practical activity of Man the author deals with some specific characteristics of this consciousness.

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