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Components and Structure of Political Consciousness

(Original title: O komponentoch a štruktúre politického vedomia)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 2, 132-142.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Problems of Man and Society
Publication language: Slovak

The growth and deepening of socialist democracy and perfectioning of the function of the political system of socialist society in contemporary period of its development makes it neses'sary to reflect adequately these processes in the sphere of philosophy and theory in general. In philosophy it means above all adequate reflection of the content of the category „political consiousness“, the explication of its structure, its dialectical relationships between its elements and especially elucidation of mechanisms of active influence of political consciousness on other components of social consciousness and on the life of socialist society.

The elaboration of these problems is required by processes of the development of political management. One of the means of its perfectioning is a successive reconstruction of the content of political consciousness of socialist society.

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