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On the Problem of Human Substance in the Works of K. Marx

(Original title: K problému podstaty človeka v diele K. Marxa)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 3, 334-346.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The core of the paper is a critical attitude towards the tendency to overestimate the social determination of human substances as it often occurs in connection with the one-sided interpretation of Marx’s Sixth Thesis on Feuerbach. When examining the whole context in which it was used by Marx the author concludes that Marx did not assign it the status of a scientifically accomplished definition of human substance and such one that was terminologically formulated in detail. Basing on the analysis of the work of the classics of Marxism-Leninism and the opinions of contemporary Soviet and Czechoslovak authors on this issue, she argues against the exentric conception of human substance in which its extraneous character as against the individual is underlined and which makes human substances identical with some abstraction of social relationships, detached from the individuals. She lays stress that it is impossible to exclude from human substance individual and personal characteristics of Man and that socialization itself does not presuppose merely some placing in social relations but also the development of life manifestations and creative potentialities of Man. The consequentially monistic solution of the natural and social which overcomes traditional dualist bio-social solutions is considered as a basic methodological principle of Marxist examination.
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