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Cyclic Aspekt of Scientific Method

(Original title: Cyklický aspekt vedeckej metódy)
Filozofia, 28 (1973), 1, 37-53.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
The paper reassumes the study The Character of Scientific Method (Filozofia, 1972, No 6). Its task is to clear up the manysided dialectical connections among the parts of scientific method. It is emphasized in the paper that the cyclic character does not mean the vicious circle, because the scientific method as a whole is not purely deductive. The author’s thesis that the scientific method is a cyclic open system is being gradually proved on the factual (protocolary) statements where he points out that they are historically and theoretically conditioned and thus that they themselves cannot be the direct basis of science [schemes (1) — (5)]. further it is pointed out that the cyclic aspect is appropriate to observation [scheme (6)], to analysis [schemes (7), (8)] and to experiment [schemes (10') — (12)]. The schemes (13) — (15) express the cyclic character of hypothesis and the schemes (16) — (18) express the cyclic and the network characters of verification. The scheme (19) expresses induction, the scheme (21) expresses the zig — zag form of the growth of knowledge. The summary of all preceding schemes is represented by the scheme (22), which expresses the open cyclic character of the method of constructing the whole branch of science. The cyclic aspect of scientific method is, however, a onesided expression of the character of scientific method; we have to complete it by the semi-weak historical aspect, which is to be the target of a further study.
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