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On the Need and Competence of Political Science

(Original title: O potrebe a oprávnenosti politickej vedy)
Filozofia, 21 (1966), 6, 618-626.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
Political science in this country needs to create conditions for its development. The peculiarities of politics render this process more difficult. Political science has many commen areas with other social sciences, yet, it cannot be identified with any of them. It is passing through a period of its own inner consolidation. The nearness of the object of political science to that of related social sciences is no reason for denying its autonomy. Politics are considered as planned, organized, purposeful social dealings which are directed towards setting up, maintenance or changing of a given social order. Political science is, in a large measure, a practical science. The relation of political science towards related social sciences is similar to that between political and other social activities. Methodologically, the method of description, explanation and classification of laws, political institutions and ideologies has prevailed in political science: at present, in addition to this, a functional analysis of political conditions and processes is being applied more and more, together with a quantitatively statistical analysis of political dealings and behaviour by individuals and groups. Moreover, some methods of other social sciences find application in political science too. Political science may be charakterized as that branch of social science which objectively and critically investigates the State, in so far as it is a power institution and an authoritative organization, and all he relations, processes and groupings of authority, individual and collective authoritative dealings, in so far as it has some relatiori to the State. However, it is not identical solely with teaching about political power. Its own notion is undergoing constant development. In cannot be confined to a mere propagation of certain ideas which may at a certain moment be useful to the society. Our object is to win over official recognition in scientific institutions for political science, so that it may gain a place in the whole system of science in this country.
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