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Reasoning and its Classification in K. Ajdukiewicz

(Original title: Uvažovanie a jeho klasifikácia u K. Ajdukiewicza)
Filozofia, 21 (1966), 6, 591-603.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
This study is a continuation of the article [C] (see references), and consists of two parts: m the first, the author acquaints the. reader with Ajdukiewicz’s classification of the processes of reasoning (see [KR]), the second contains some critical remarks about Ajdukiewicz’s charakteristics of certain types of reasoning and about classification itself. In Ajdukiewicz’c conception he criticises, in particular, the absence of clearly and unequivocally defined basic terms, especially that of acceptance. Formulation of some types of tasks (as for instance the task of proving or verifying some sentence “p“, or the tasks pf explaining that p), is considered as equivocal or nonadequate. He also expresses certain doubts about the division of the processes of reasoning according to whether problems of demostration, problems of decision or problems of complementation are being solved in them. He states that under certain conditions the difference between solving problems of decision and problems of complementation, becomes lost and thereby also the difference between certain processes of reasoning which in Ajdukiewicz’s classification belong to different classes.
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