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On the Specific Traits of Russian Kantianism

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 3, 254-261.
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The paper focuses on the influence of I. Kant and German classical philosophy on Russian philosophical thought. It deals with the challenge of “returns to Kant” in Russian philosophical culture. Kantś philosophy stimulates the field of the metaphysics of faith. The paper shows that in their confrontation with German classical thought, and especially with Kant’s philosophy, Russian philosophers have various aims and use various methodologies and languages. Further, it shows Kant’ philosophical legacy from two different points of view represented by two philosophical magazines – Logos and Путь (Way). The paper also explains the importance of the notions of Kantianism and Neo-Kantianism in Russian philosophical thought from the 1850s up to the present day. Attention is paid in particular to A. I. Vvedensky and his understanding of the relationship between faith and reason as well as his confrontation with the philosophy of I. Kant.

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German classical thought, Faith, Metaphysics, Neo-Kantianism, Reason, Russian philosophy

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