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Heidegger a Parmenides

Filozofia, 72 (2017), 5, 357-370.
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Heidegger has been concerned with Parmenides throughout his lifetime. It was for him a sort of philosophical program which yielded remarkable results. During 1922 – 1973 he aimed at a closely examination of Parmenides doctrine of being which for him was the milestone of the development of the Western ontology and logic. The paper is focused on Heidegger writing Moira (1952) and his lecture Time and being. The analysis of the two should show the importance of Heidegger’s “silent conversation” with Parmenides. As a result of this analysis the author’s view is confirmed according to which Heidegger’s seeking to answer the question of being (Seinsfrage) did not yield the anticipated results. The reason is that Parmenides investigated the being of beings alone, putting aside the being itself. Heidegger’s suggestion about Parmenides being the first in Western thought who speaks about Being is thus invalid. Parmenides was concerned with the existence as the one. And that is definitely not the issue of Heideggers interest.

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Being itself, Being of beings, Heidegger, Ontological difference, Ontology, Parmenides

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