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Internalistické znaky v koncepcii intuitívneho poznania podľa Dunsa Scota

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 9, 721-732.
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The paper deals with internalist features of the conception of intuitive cognition according to Duns Scotus. Its first part is concerned with strong and weak internalism, the latter being compatible with externalism. In its second part attention is paid to Duns Scotus’ theory of intuitive cognition including internal states of the soul, acts of recollection and contingent truth propositions. The goal of the third part is to show the manner in which the internalist features are present in Scotus’ theory of intuition. In conclusion the author suggests that Scotus’ theory of intuition resembles the access internalism in its weak form and as such doesn ́t contradict externalism.

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Externalism, Intuitive cognition, Justification, Strong and weak internalism

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