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XV. zjazd KSČ a úlohy marxisticko-leninskej filozofie

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 4, 353-370.
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The paper elaborates the tasks of the dialectical and historical materialism from the aspect of the resolutions of the T5th congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. It emphasizes the inevitability of elaborating the methods of using and applying its theses, categories and laws ait formulating .and materializing the policy of the Communist party. It inquires into the political relations on the background of economic relations and the development and tasks of political ideology. It analyzes also the relations of Marxist philosophy and special sciences. It proves the importance of materialist dialectics as the theoretical-methodological basis of research of special sciences. It criticizes the contemporary idealistic opinions that deny the existence of objective dialectics. Further, it proves the world-outlook importance of the elaboration of philosophical questions of natural sciences. It emphasizes the inevitability and limitates the aiming and tasks of critical analysis of bourgeois philosophy and of the remnants of revisionist philosophy. The paper finally summarizes the concrete theoretical tasks that the Marxist-Leninist philosophy is to solve after the 115th congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.
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