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The Study of Byzantine Philosophy and Its Expansion in Great Moravia (The 1150th Anniversary of the Mission of Saints Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius)

(Original title: Výskum byzantskej filozofie a jej prieniku na Veľkú Moravu. Pri príležitosti 1150. výročia príchodu svätých Konštantína (Cyrila) a Metoda)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), 9, 790-799.
Type of work: Views
Publication language: Slovak

The importance of philosophical contribution of Byzantium has been strengthened after the World War II by V. Tatakis, professor of philosophy at the Aristotle University in Tessaloniki, Greece. His book La Philosophie Byzantine published in Paris in 1949 is considered a pioneer work in the field. It was also the first general introduction to Byzantine philosophy to appear. It brought the term “byzantine philosophy” into academic field and was the first systematic work on Byzantine philosophy; it was a significant landmark from the international perspective of the later study of Byzantine philosophy. Before Tatakis’ book was published, neither Western, nor Greek historiography acknowledged the existence of philosophical thinking in the East Roman (Byzantine) Empire, which lasted 11 centuries. The term “Byzantine philosophy” was officially introduced in 1975 as a name for the international research and study. Byzantine philosophy is not explored sufficiently in Slovakia. This article wants to contribute to the study of Byzantine philosophy in Slovak academic millieu.


Ancient philosophy, Byzantine philosophy, Constantine the philosopher, Greek philosophy, IXth century

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