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Gettier’s Problem and Its Importance after Fifty Years

(Original title: Gettierov problém a jeho význam po päťdesiatich rokoch)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), 8, 679-690.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Gettier’s problem, which initiated and significantly co-defined the patterns of solving the epistemological problem of justification, is being discussed by the philosophers now for fifty years. In the first part of the paper the point at issue is explained, it’s philosophically most interesting moments being innovatively reconsidered. The second part offers an outline of the most influential answers to Gettier’s problem pointing to their pros and cons. In conclusion the importance of Gettier’s problem after fifty years is scrutinized.


Cognition, Definition of knowledge, Epistemology, Gettier’s problem, Justification

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