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Philosophy and the Practice of the Arts. Philosophical-Intercultural Experiment, Summer 2012, Hildesheim University

(Original title: Filozofia a umelecká prax. Filozoficko-interkultúrny experiment, leto 2012, Univerzita v Hildesheime)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), 5, 448-451.
Type of work: Projects of Performative Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak

The practices of philosophy and the arts can meet in a fruitful way. The text describes and analyses examples of this encounter and tries to show how the experience in the arts (regardless if European or Asian) can open up new ways of thinking. At the University of Hildesheim the combination of philosophy and the arts is a part of the BA and MA-program in philosophy.


Aesthetic practice, Philosophy and art, Philosophy of the body

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