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Politics, Science and the Progress in the Socialist Society

(Original title: Politika, veda a pokrok socialistickej spoločnosti)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 6, 671-678.
Type of work: Papers - Dialectics of the Development of the Socialist Society
Publication language: Slovak
The sphere of politics belongs, no doubts, to the most important domains of the life of socialist communities where scientific knowledge is applied in practice. As it is a sphere where social conditions, relations and processes are regulated knowledge of social sciences is exploited chiefly here. There is, however, no direct interconnection between the political practice and the individual social sciences. This link is mediated through political ideology especially which gives instructions for concrete political activity. Stronger participation of science in the politics in the socialist countries which becomes historical necessity at the present stage of their development their manifests above all in the fact that the socialist political ideology as an important means of the scientific management is turning into an applied social science successively. In the processes of transformation of scientific cognition into the socialist political ideology also Marxist-Leninist philosophy plays an active role. Due to its cognitive function it transgresses the framework of ideology and is linked with other scientific disciplines and, therefore, may take part in the integration of scientific knowledge and needs of practical politics in a positive way. It helps to connect scientific and political moments into an organic whole and is thus a system formative element of political ideology.
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