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Moral Values in the Relation of Man and Collective

(Original title: Morálne hodnoty vo vzťahu človeka a kolektívu)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 2, 182-194.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
After having defined moral value as a specifically moral quality of the relation which is intrinsically connected with this relation, because it is through it that it is realized and in it it finds its assertion, the authoress passes to an analysis of the process of interiorization of moral values by the subject. She points out that the process of interiorization is not a mechanical takingover the moral values of the society, but that it is a complicated process in which the individual accepts those moral values only that are connected with his interests, needs and aims. In this process the moral values become an element of individual consciousness and a basis of the individual’s moral-value orientation. The process of interiorization of moral values is transformed by a whole series of factors which belong to the micro- and. macro-environment in which the individual is incorporated. The moral-value orientation is an important element of the socialization of the individual and it is realized in collective relations. In the collective that is the mediating link between social and individual interests, the moral values have an irreplaceable task at harmonizing these interests. The authoress points out the factors that, under the conditions of the advanced socialist society exert deformative influence upon the forming of the socialist moral-value orientation and thus also upon the process of harmonizing the individual and social interests, needs.
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