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Value Ethics as an Attempt to Overcome Kant: A Critical Reflection of Scheler’s Theory of Values

(Original title: Hodnotová etika jako snaha o překonání Kanta: kritická reflexe Schelerovy teorie hodnot)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), 2, 86 - 100.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Czech
The aim of this article is to introduce Scheler’s philosophy of values and to offer a critical point of view of his theory of values, which is not very thematized in the Czech or Slovak context, although the concept of values is widely used especially in the field of professional ethics. The article therefore deals with an author who is quite fundamental to the topic. It will also point out some of the problems that the thematization of values has brought to ethics, which may help to explain why the philosophy of values has not made much headway in the field of ethics. In the introduction we will touch on the question of the objectivity or subjectivity of values and evaluation. We will then briefly discuss Kant’s formalism, which was the primary impetus for the emergence of material value ethics. We will then outline the conception of values in Max Scheler, who can be considered the founder of the philosophy of value or axiology. Furthermore, we will then conclude with an attempt to summarize the whole value issue, pointing out the problematic points of this theory.

Values, Axiology, Scheler

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