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Complementarity of Metaphysics and Theology in John Duns Scotus

(Original title: Komplementarita metafyziky a teológie podľa Jána Dunsa Scota)
Filozofia, 63 (2008), 5, 433-443.
Type of work: Anniversaries
Publication language: Slovak

For Duns Scotus the relationship between metaphysics and theology is the one between „the natural“ and „the supra-natural“. „The theology in itself“ as well as „the metaphysics in itself“ are the examples of a perfect cognition of their subjects: they grasp all truths embodied in their subjects „propter quid“. „Our theology“ and „our metaphysics“, however, grasp their subjects as limited by present conditions. The complementarity of theology and metaphysics is based on the concept of being and its modal explication. In the concept of infinite being the metaphysical questioning reaches its most; our theology fills this naturally achieved concept with contents coming from Revelation, while in metaphysics the concept of „infinite being“ remains relatively empty. In this way both sciences, i.e. theology and metaphysics, are at the same time autonomous and complementary.


Science, Theology in itself, Our theology, Metaphysics, Infinite being, Modal explication of being

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