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A Saturated Phenomenon

(Original title: Saturovaný fenomén)
Filozofia, 62 (2007), 5, 378-402.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The author tries to outline the new possibilities the phenomenology offers for considerations of a specific type of phenomenality which in some respects goes be yond the rules of phenomenalization as defined by Husserl in connection with „the principle of principles“ as well as exploring the horizon, i.e. the constitutive condition of any giving. While the phenomenon – equally with Kant and Husserl – gives itself to the extent corresponding its intuition inadequacy or „lacking“ of intuition, Marion tries to outline (with all consequences included) such a conception of a phenomenon, which would be marked by a „surplus“ of intuition. Drawing on Husserl and especially on Kant, the definition of the „saturated phenomenon“ proceeds step by step on the ground of a critical interpretation of some Kantian concepts. Such an unconditioned and irreducible phenomenon transcends in its nature everything the intentional meaning is able to comprehend. From this it is obvious, that the concept of a saturated phenomenon urges us to revise also the phenomenological concept of subject as a constitutive instance (facing the saturated phenomenon the subject on the contrary becomes a constituted instance). Further, the phenomenological analysis borders here a certain type of religious experience.


Saturated phenomenon, Giving, Surplus of intuition, Subject

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