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The Evolution from the Point of View of Physics

(Original title: Vývoj z pohľadu fyziky)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 3, 291-300.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Problems of Natural Sciences
Publication language: Slovak

It is the aim of the paper to show how contemporary formalism in physics makes it possible to fix conditions, the mechanism and the tendency in spontaneous processes which are closely connected with the evolution.

The rise of qualitatively new material structures requires the dialectical unity of the destructive and structure-formative factor which bear specific characteristic on each level of the motion of matter. If we are to express this specificity we must find adequate formalism to each level.

The author starts from the presumption that each higher form of the motion of matter evolves from the lower one and he looks for the „bridges“ that lead from the physical form of the motion of matter to the chemical and biological one.

In the end he formulates general theses following from the examination of mechanisms of the rise of new qualities, which can contribute to the philosophical interpretation of the category „Evolution“.

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